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Dick speaks with St. Croix Democrats


You need someone looking out for your best interests. Our current representative, my opponent Tom Tiffany, voted AGAINST the following bills or issues, they ALL passed the House with BIPARTISAN support: 

  • The Affordable Insulin Now Act 

  • Infant Formula Supplemental Appropriations Act 

  • Burn pit and toxic exposure assistance for our veterans via the Honor our PACT Act. 

  • Infrastructure and Jobs Act – rebuilding roads and bridges and expanding rural broadband access 

  • Consumer Fuel Price Gouging Prevention Act 

  • Aid for Ukraine 

  • Suspending Energy Imports from Russia Act 

  • Supporting NATO with efforts in Ukraine 

  • Protecting Our Gold Star Families Education Act 

  • National Defense Authorization Act for 2023 

  • Respect for Marriage Act 

  • Protecting our Kids Act 

  • Womens Health Protection Act 

  • Right to Contraception Act 

  • The Great American Outdoors Act 

And unfortunately, the list goes on and on and on... 

Tom Tiffany is also not showing up to do his job. In the 116th Congress he missed almost 350% more votes than the average representative. You deserve to have a representative that shows up to represent your best interests.

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